That Cause of Deppresion

Because of the large burden of life that has accumulated in the hearts of anyone, lest someone feel a heavy burden, heavy load of pent-that is what we call stress. Stress or depression is caused because of the large load, more for energy negative thinking. A negative mind will make us become mentally weak and helpless in the face of various problems.

Stress or depression that would damage the growing mentally. Mental depression among people who are feeling scared, feeling a heavy burden, and angry and can not think clearly like healthy people. Depression will continue to cause disease psykhsomatis.

This disease can also interfere with other organs, like heart, lungs, kidneys, liver and ends on mental disorders. If the leave will disrupt the journey of the human mind and lead to stroke, coma and death. The disease is actually more on the mental self-mastery. Not rely on medication from a doctor but it relies on how our mental control. The main source psykhsomatis mental illness comes from negative thinking

Worried about the future, worried that there is no solution or for those people who are not stupid anxiety can be overcome with a healthy ratio so that anxiety into a mental mendendap samapi into the human subconscious. So sometimes what is said he did not understand his own

Mental Education For Clean Live

Clean and healthy life today is a necessity for everyone, while garbage overflow, both personal and institutional unable to take care of it. Rubbish cause many diseases, especially for children who kekbalan his body is still vulnerable to various diseases. Yet in the last decade waste can also be converted into valuable fertilizer use for crop fertility.

The main factor that becomes a mental problem is someone who doesn’t understand and don’t want to live of clean, I say , “there is trash beside the trash”. This cases has been a seem that ironic, because the garbage is supposed to be located in the bin rather than at his side.

This phenomenon indicates the existence of mental hygiene is still low, we all need to conduct a review of the mental education of our students. Mental hygiene education is expected to determine a healthy world in the future. Mental education is needed to awaken people about the importance of living life clean as clean is part of the teachings of all religions, including Islam religion also strongly recommend that the net was born and clean heart.

Mental Education

Today, in general, experienced the world of moral decadence, because it was triggered by the development of scientific knowledge and mental development of human walking is not balanced, the rate of development of science which increased sharply while the rate of mental knowledge of normal development. With the ability of human science can make nuclear power engineering, power bombs, industrial revolution and the spread of pollution, but with good mental science then science will not be created, and engineering will not be before considering its social side.

Science science always require control, control science science is the science of religion, science requires the development of the life world of today, while religious knowledge dampen destructive human desire to be constructive. Therefore, science is not getting the mental education early on, later on when he will grow into adults who could endanger the personal destructive world.

Science as a tool to trace the map of life, whereas mental science and religion is like a stick that lead people to follow the direction of the map. Mental education system of planting must begin from the time children are aged under 10 years, since the age of 15 years of development in children from rebel and want to find out who he was without any coercion or interference of others, including his own family.

So, both knowledge must be mastered, especially mental education is this decade absolutely required by all people in relation to globalization is increasingly global. Between Indonesia and America today is not limited by anything, just by internet network people can communicate, it indicates that between the world are located in areas that one with the other regions are not limited.

How to inculcate mental education is a way to give examples, and give understanding to the children of the result of an error in doing.